“They’re well-run, with top-level talent,” said Steve DeMeo, a former Division I coach who drove up from Destin, Fla., where he coaches a junior college team.After Brad Beal Nike Roshe Run Mujer Elite lost by four points Friday night, Beal spoke passionately for several minutes while the players looked up at him, morosely but intently.Later, Beal said that the players genuinely enjoyed playing in a league sponsored by Nike, while acknowledging that Nike was benefiting.“If you’re a company and you can sell that, sell this league, sell the format of it, kids are gonna Nike Air Max Classic BW Donne buy it,” he said, adding, “That’s Nike Air Max 97 Womens what the kids are into, man. They  love shoes. They love sneakers.”AMONG the boutiques in the canal district of Amsterdam is a shoe shop, called W-21, that has a selection of stylish footwear in the window. A select group of customers were recently invited there to have their feet scanned by a laser, and then to spend 30 seconds walking on a modified treadmill in a special pair of shoes stuffed with accelerometers, pressure gauges,Nike Air Max 2017 Donne  thermometers and hygrometers. All this generated a wealth of data, which was displayed on a large screen along with a model of how the walker’s feet were moving.From these data an algorithm determined the ideal soles for the customer’s shoes.

Upstairs, a couple of 3D printers began humming away to make those soles. In about two hours they were ready to be fitted Adidas ZX 850 Donne to a new pair of shoes, uniquely tailored Nike Free Run 2.0 Womens to each person’s feet.Some level of Nike Air Vapormax Donnecustomisation is nothing new for buyers of apparel. But there is a big difference between clothes, which are relatively straightforward to tailor and alter, and shoes, which are solid and composed of lots of materials that require different skills and special equipment to produce. It is possible to acquire orthopaedic and specialist shoes, such as ski boots, in which the soles have been shaped to Nike Free Run 2.0 Womens suit an individual’s feet. Completely tailor-made shoes are also available if you have deep pockets and are patient. At the top end of the market, John Lobb, a London bootmaker established in 1866, will happily hand-stitch you a pair of Oxford brogues shaped around every dimple and bump in your feet, but they will cost £4,000 ($5,500) and may take six months to deliver. What was going on in Amsterdam was Adidas Superstar Uomo an experiment by ECCO, a large Danish  shoe brand that owns W-21, to bring bespoke shoemaking to the mass-market high street.Beluga back. The much-delayed pair here didn't make a serious splash in the resell scene.

Lobb, and firms like it, make shoes using patterns called lasts. These are solid blocks of wood carved precisely into the shape of a customer’s feet. The time and labour required to create these lasts  explain the cost and  tardiness of the finished product. Though ECCO still uses shoes made in standard sizes, at least for now, it customises the midsole. This is the part of a shoe that fits between the outsole (the bottom of the shoe that comes into contact with the ground) and the insole (on which the foot rests). The midsole is the functional heart of a shoe, says Patrizio Carlucci, the head of ECCO’s Innovation Lab,  which is in charge of the project. On the basis of the laser scans, of data from the shoe sensors and treadmill tests, and of information about the customer (someone who stands around a lot may require a softer feel than does another who walks everywhere), individualised left and right midsoles are engineered to suit the person concerned.Once the midsole designs are complete, the computer file describing them is  transferred to the 3D printers. Nike Air Vapormax Donne These are made by a firm called German RepRap and are adapted to print a type of silicone developed by the Dow Chemical Company for this purpose. The printers build layers of silicone into hundreds of closely packed cells.