The Nike Air Presto Womens idea to expose the innards of the sneaker was the brainchild of now-renowned designer Tinker Hatfield, who had begun his career as an architect. He was inspired by the Centre Pompidou, the modern-art Nike Air Presto Mujer museum in Nike Air Max 95 Womens Paris whose creators left its interior architecture exposed to maximize the space inside and to show onlookers its Nike Air Max 97 Mujer different mechanical and structural systems. Hatfield adapted the notion to the Air platform, resulting in the Air Max 1.Hatfield’s visible airbag had two benefits, Gomez says: Nike Air Max 270 Mujer First, it allowed Nike Nike Roshe Run Dames to use a much larger bubble and less foam in the sole than previous sneakers, making the shoe lighter; second, it made the technology believable, and instantly communicated how it would feel to wear it. The story goes that the marketing side didn’t like the idea of a sneaker with a hole in its sole at first. But the design became as identifiably Nike’s as the brand’s trademark swoosh.“Air went public, in a way,” says Yu-Ming Wu, founder of the rapidly growing sneaker convention, Sneakercon. “That really put them on this Nike Air Max 95 Femme Adidas Superstar Femme course to dominate sneakers.” He notes that the 1988 Air Jordan III followed Air Max’s lead and used the line’s first visible air bubble.

Unlike most running shoes before it, the Air Max 1 also featured bright red or blue accents that popped, even from a distance. It looked different than anything Nike Air VaporMax Mujer on the market.Nike Nike Air Vapormax Mujer launched a campaign to convince the world that Air was a revolution in cushioning. Spurred by a resurgence in running, sales took off.Over the years, the Air Max line has remained the most iconic embodiment of Nike Air, and Nike Air Max 90 Mujer the company has put out one update after another, modernizing the shape and look each  time. In each new sneaker, the airbags in the soles have gotten larger, occupying more of the sole, while the foam portion has receded. In 2006, Nike got rid of the foam entirely with the Air Max 360, leaving a sole Nike Air Max TN Femmethat was purely airbag.The VaporMax continues down that path. The outsole is integrated directly into the Nike Air Max Tavas Womens airbag, which has been whittled to just the essential parts, leaving a series of semi-freestanding tubes. Much like the original Air Max 1, its appearance conveys its own story: The sole looks Nike Air Max 97 Mujer soft, bouncy,Nike Air Max 95 Womens  and flexible, which is how Nike wants it to feel.

“I would say fundamentally we want to build products that communicate to athletes without any help,” Gomez says. “And we feel like when we present Air in an intuitive way, when you can show it, when you can see it, then you intuitively know Nike Air Max 95 Femme what it does.”“My dad  used to run marathons when I was a kid, and he ran them in Air Maxes,” says Jordan Geller, who once held the Guinness record for the world’s largest sneaker collection: the open-to-the-public Shoezeum, which Geller has Nike Air Max 95 Mujer now mostly sold off. “The Air Max 180, which came out in 1991, was his favorite running shoe.”